About Valerie

Hello and welcome, I'm Valerie and I offer intuitive tarot readings for various areas of life.  Having lost my parents before the age of ten has driven me to search for answers on my own about life, my purpose here and what's on the other side.  I always wanted to believe that they were still with me but it wasn't until I had my first psychic reading that I KNEW that they were indeed still around me and helping me along my path.

When I walked out of her office for the first time, I was a changed person. That psychic has become my friend, mentor and teacher over the last 6 years and my life has healed in a way no one else could even touch.   My time with her has now changed from healing sessions to more of a life coaching and planning session and I am growing spiritually always.

I've been reading tarot for clients for about six years now and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  In each reading the spirits not only show me things for my clients, but sometimes the messages speak to me as well.  The more I search for answers for my life in this great, big, giant universe, the more answers and opportunities are presented to me.  I am presented bits and pieces of my path constantly but only because I'm aware and looking for them. It's these little specs of awareness that bring joy to my life and the high vibrations that come with it.

Imagine holding a piece of paper up to the sun.  Now imagine poking holes in it so that eventually you can see more and more of the light through the holes. This is what it's like as you get the bits and pieces of guidance you need so that you can become an active chooser in your life.

I feel blessed that I am able to help others heal their souls too as my mediumship continues to unfold.  My passion for empowering others on their life’s path has been so fulfilling.   Thank you for visiting my page!