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Tarot cards are a tool used to communicate with our higher selves in order to get answers for past, present, or future questions.  In a reading all I need is a question or questions that you want answers to and I use the cards to help you find the answers you need, be it for your own healing or peace of mind.

In readings regarding the future my guides will tell me what your most likely outcome will be based on your current pathway in life.  You can change that future by changing your actions as soon as the reading is finished.  For instance if I tell you that you could be successful at writing a book, you can choose to take that information and take action by picking up your laptop and starting to type, or you may ignore it and choose to stay on the path you have already started down and ignore it or save the message for a rainy day.  Your future is not set in stone and you can co-create a completely different life with actively choosing to change it or you can continue in the direction that you are already headed…but the choice is most definitely yours. Helping you heal and assisting you with your path would be my greatest honor.

Your preparation for a reading:

Before coming to the reading, please gather a few situations or questions that you would like answered.

Usually there is time for 1 question for every 10-15 minutes of reading time depending on the type of read.  For example, a simple 3 card read will not take as long to interpret as a 10 card read.  Ideally, it's best for you to be in a quiet or comfortable place where you won't be distracted so you can get the most out of your reading.  The question or situation can be for the past, present or future.

All reads are to be carried out by Skype or phone at this time.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have tested your chosen method prior to the set appointment time.

Tarot Myths and Facts

Tarot readings are not about telling the future, it’s a reveal of a possible future or most likely outcome of the situation based upon the question that you (the client) has asked.

The cards are not a definite "set in stone" message, it's how you choose to use the information uncovered to empower yourself. Choosing to act is the only way to redirect your life to meet your desires.  A wise woman once told me that I could be a writer, but the book won’t write itself.  All the advice in the world falls short without choice and action. I interpret the tarot cards with you, my guides and your spirit guides assistance.

The facts about tarot are that the cards do not provide the complete information in the reading.

The cards provide symbols and pictures that trigger intuitive thoughts and impressions from my guides (and yours) to provide a story of sorts to best answer what you need to know about the situation in question.